Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chuck Norris

It was a nice day yesterday, really nice – at least for late October in Wisconsin, sunny and in the 60's – so I took the opportunity to head down to Schreiner's Park (a park on the edge of Lancaster) to take some pictures. I generally have good luck finding interesting and photo-worthy subjects near water (it seems likely to me that I tend to find cool things near water because I like water so much. I doubt very much that I'd find many cool pictures around, say, a candy bar wrapper factory which, incidentally, Lancaster has. I rode by it [the candy bar wrapper place] on my way to the hardware store today and it has a rather disturbing smell coming from it always does) so I walked along the stream bed for part of my photo outing.

This first picture is also one of the first I happened onto today. You can kind of tell that the leaves are floating in water (you can see the waterline around the edges). Also it had rained yesterday morning and as you can see some of the rain hadn't yet dried.

For this one, like the last, the leaves are floating on top of the water. I thought it made for a nice contrast since it looks as if the leaves are set on some sort of black background in a studio. But they aren't.

This is the stream itself, obviously. Last summer/spring (actually as I think about it we had two major floods last year, one in the spring and one in the early summer) water came rockin' and rollin' through here and scoured out this little waterfall (more of a watertumble methinks).

This is the back of a leaf that had fallen. Yee haw. Not much more to say. Sure, it's a nice picture but there's not a whole helluva lot to say about it. Maybe if I keep describing how little there is to describe in this picture this'll end up being a caption of average length. I think I made it.

We're having a pretty pathetic autumn here as far as fall colors are concerned. There are a decent amount of partially-rotten-and-brown yellowish leaves (but then again who wants to have a picture of a diseased yellow/brown leaf hanging around? Which begs the question: who would want a picture of a vibrantly colored, beautiful leaf hanging around? Judging by the number of leaf pictures I have sold, very few). But this was an example of a comparatively eye catchingly colorful leaf. Like I said: pretty pathetic colors this fall.

And I can't resist putting this up here. It has nothing to do with anything. I was killing time in the Milwaukee, WI airport while waiting for a bus that would take me to Madison, WI (I was on my way back from Atlanta) and was checking out this little art exhibit. There was a place to put comments which is where I happened to see this priceless artifact. After watching many episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger in college (thanks to Charlie J.) I didn't really picture Chuck Norris as one to be into either paintings or marching bands. Then again Chuck Norris never ceases to surprise...just watch a few episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger.


Blogger sweetcorn said...

On the first leaf picture the lighting is beautiful and the shadows of the waterdrops are perfect. I also like the watertumble. I saw your photos in the Coffee/Breakfast place in Lancaster (sorry I don't remember the name of the place - but they had a great fried egg sandwich) and was very struck by the blue/white layered ice picture. WOW. Alden

October 23, 2009 at 12:56 PM  

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