Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Point and Shoot II

I am once again visiting Marqette. I was actually hoping to ride my bike here - and I started to but after riding three days I started to have some problems with my achilles tendons. I managed to ride to for three more days to Plover, WI where I had a friend who I stayed with for a couple of days then he drove me north and Spring drove south and we met up and they switched their baggage (me) so now I am in Marquette with Spring. This actually does relate to my post a bit because I didn't want to lug my big clunky SLR with me on my bike so I brought my small point and shoot camera with me. So like my last post, Point and Shoot all of these pictures were taken with my point and shoot camera.

I was hiking along a path in the woods and happened upon this leaf. Just feel like I should point out that I didn't change any of the colors that were there...the leaf really was hot pink like that.

Near Marquette there is a hill overlooking Lake Superior that is called Sugarloaf Mountain. I've photographed from the top of it -and posted those photos on here before...go here for a look at what this island looks like with snow on it - in the past. It's a pretty cool spot. It's also pretty accesible from the city of Marquette. It's only a few miles from town, so driving is fast...and if you are inclined to bike out to it there is a paved bike lane. The downside of that is that there are often quite a few people up there.

Walking along the beach I saw this feather from a seagull.

Wet rocks look different than the same rocks when they're dry. I think that they look better when wet. Anyway this rock was kept wet by wave action right along the shore of the big lake.

There is one section of beach that has as many pebbles and small rocks as sand. I just throught it was cool how this volcanic (at least I think it's volcanic - is anybody a rock-geek who knows?) swiss cheese looking rock had little rocks in it's holes.