Saturday, March 7, 2009

I had tried to go canoing (yes I am anxious to get back out on the water!) but the put in point was blocked by ice and the take out was ridiculously muddy – so I didn't get to go. Bummer. But I put on my rubber boots and waded around in the shallows and happened upon this leaf that was stuck to a rock under some flowing water.

This was taken near a road I was driving on to get back from work on Wednesday. I saw these cattails and thought that they might make a decent picture.

This was taken on another stream in the town of Platteville, WI. I was surprised that the water was as clear as it was. Around here streams tend to be clouded by agricultural runoff most of the year and are generally especially cloudy in the spring because of snowmelt.

It was warm here on Thursday and so things were melting. We had had a big thaw/flood/rainstorm last week that swelled the rivers and broke up the ice. The broken ice got pushed up onto the banks on the high water and when the water receded the ice was left up high. This pattern was made by water melting off of the ice and flowing down into the stream.

These are a few moss plants (technically I don't think they're plants but they're green and sort of leafy so I'll call them plants) that I happened upon when I was out walking on some trails near Lancaster. This time of year green things are at a premium, there are plenty of brown things but not much green. These plants are about an inch high.